She believed in me

“She believed in me, when everyone rejected me”.

In the life of our Habeeb it is Sayyida Khadeeja, Allah be pleased with her.

Shukr – For the one you have in your life dear heart, go into sujood and say Alhamdulillah, for your mother.

Sabr – For the one you are searching dear heart, say Alhamdulillah, and follow with ‘Isbir Qalbak’.


There will be a time for you

Remember Salman Al Farsi was chained, had to run away from his home, had to live under a corrupt teacher, migrate 4 times to different countries, see his beloved mentors die, got sold as a slave after being ambushed, was abused……but his day came and Allah granted him what he was sincerely looking for.

My heart, your day will come too, and you will cry in happiness just like Salman Al Farsi.

As a bigger perk, remember Salman RA got to tell his story to Rasoolullah Sallu Allahu alaihi wa Sallam in this dunya. Your day will come too, you will tell your story to your Habeeb in Jannah.

Until then – ‘isbir’.

Ridhaa of Allah – it’s all that matters

Allah has promised us in the Quran that he will not let us go just by claiming that we have believed. He has promised that we would be tested by different means, and he has promised that life and death itself is created so that we can be tested.

In this life when we face tests, whether they be health issues with our parents, whether they be children, whether they be marriage, whether they be finances, whatever they might be.

I hope none of us would claim that the tests have driven us to a point in the life of Rasoolullah (Sallu Allahu Alaihi wa Sallam) as he observed during the incident of Ta’if. This was a time when his beloved wife, who believed in him when no one believed, passed away. His beloved uncle, who protected him, passed away without even accepting Islam.

It is the same time when he was profusely bleeding after being stoned in the valleys of Ta’if.

At this moment, this is how he Sallu Allahu alaihi wa Sallam reacted

اللهم إليك أشكو ضعف قوتي وقلة حيلتي وهواني على الناس
ياأرحم الراحمين أنت أرحم الراحمين
أنت رب المستضعفين وأنت ربي
إلى من تكلني إلى عدو يتجهمني أم إلى صديق مكلته إمري
إن لم يكن بك غضب علي فلا أبالي ولكن عافيتك هي أوسع لي
أعوذ بنور وجهك الذي أضاءت له السموات و الأرض
وأشرقت له الظلمات وصلح عليه أمر الدنيا والأخره
أن ينزل بي غضبك أو يحل علي سخطك

لك العتبى حتى ترضى ولاحول ولاقوة إلابك

“O Allah! I complain to You of my weakness, my scarcity of resources and the humiliation I have been subjected to by the people. O Most Merciful of those who are merciful. O Lord of the weak and my Lord too. To whom have you entrusted me?

To a distant person who receives me with hostility? Or to an enemy to whom you have granted authority over my affair? So long as You are not angry with me, I do not care. Your favor is of a more expansive relief to me. I seek refuge in the light of Your Face by which all darkness is dispelled and every affair of this world and the next is set right, lest Your anger or Your displeasure descends upon me. I desire Your pleasure and satisfaction until You are pleased.

There is no power and no might except by You.”

Yaa Allah make us among those who are constantly seeking your Ridhaa. Ameen.

If we have this, then nothing else matters,

and if we are missing this then nothing else matters.

When we are a few feet below,

all that would matter is what did we take with us to go.


Madeenah Memories

I remember the days in Madeenah from my previous Hajj. Wherein one of my friends from Madeenah, a friend from the people of Ansaar, a friend who had given me insights into the Seerah of Rasoolullah from a perspective of the inhabitant and as son of Madeenah mentioned something that he does, when he is emotional.

He mentioned that any day he feels sad, or he feels happy, he just goes to Masjid an Nabawi, and spends time at the Rawdah, spends time offering Salat in Riyaad ul Jannah. Since it is busy during the day, he generally chooses the first part of the night or the last part of the night. He mentions, he just rests there and talks to Rasoolullah – Sallu Allahu alaihi wa Sallam.

It is time that I remember the biggest calamity that befell this ummah was the passing away of our habeeb Rasooullah Sallu Allahu alaihi wa Sallam.

I am missing Madeenah, missing being able to stand in Riyaad ul Jannah, the beautiful khushoo of Salaat in Madeenah, the beauty of walking in the masjid along with my mother, the beauty of offer Salat ul Fajr in Madeenah with my father, the beauty of going to Baqee after Fajr with my brothers. Ya Allah return us to your Habeeb, Ya Allah return us to Jannah, Jannah of this world and the Jannah of the hereafter.

Yaa Allah return us to Madeenah, Ya Allah return us to our home in Jannah, Ya Allah return us to Makkah, Ya Allah return us to you, Ya Allah fill our hearts with true essence of Islam, Ya Allah he claim we have accepted Islam, Ya Allah help us to truly submit to you, Ya Allah make us among those who have the conviction of Ibraheem alaihi Salaam, Ya Allah grant us the softness of Isaa alaihi salaam, Ya Allah grant us the du’aa of Musa alaihi salaam, Ya Allah grant us the company of our Habeeb, your habeeb, Muhammad Rasoolullah – Sallu Allahu alaihi wa Sallam in this dunya by making us follow his actions and his sunnah, and by granting us a house next to you, his company in jannah.

Ameen yaa Rabb.




Reflections – Those before us, those loved by Allah have been tested greatly.

If you haven’t been blessed with children, never forget the patience of Prophet Zakariyyah at old age and how he was rewarded. If close ones have betrayed you, never forget the forbearance of Prophet Yusuf in prison. If you had to leave everything you loved, never forget Prophet Ibrahim as he left Makkah. If you feel like your drowning in world, never forget the Ark of Prophet Nuh and how he was brought to safety. If you’re not married, never forget the greatness of Sayyidah Maryam. If you’ve lost children, never forget the tears of Prophet Ya’qub. If you lost your parents, never forget the life of Sayyiduna Muhammad. ﷺ عليهم الصلاة و السلام

Stop asking, “Why me?” and take patience in the fact that your allowed you to join the ranks of the great ones. Your tribulation is a sign of His love for you.

Du’aa/Prayers for my mother

As Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

My mother has not been well for some time now. If you have found anything good through this blog, then please make duaa for her, knowing that she has raised a son that way. If you have found anything bad with this blog, please make duaa for her knowing that she has been bearing a son of this kind so far.

May Allah grant shifaa to everyone that is suffering, make Allah fill our hearts with contentment and gratitude. May Allah grant us next to him a house in Jannah. For all of us that are fortunate to have parents alive, may Allah grant barakah in their lives, extend their lives, make us coolness of their eyes, make them coolness of our eyes, make them one of our means to attain jannah. Ameen.

Jazak Allah Khayr,

wa As Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,


Allah inspires love in the hearts of others

I am pondering on a situation from Hajj in the recent past.

The person was very sick as he fell ill a day before Arafat. He felt he would die, and was making duaa that Yaa Rabb if I am supposed to die in this Hajj, give me life until Arafat, and then while on the day of Arafat he was so sick that he could not even stand, sit or sleep.

At that moment Allah reminded him, reminded him of a slave of Allah, someone this person had known as his temporary Arabic teacher, soccer teammate, and just an elder. However, this person had recently gone through divorce, had moved to a different country, and they had not met for more than 7 months. It is in this state, that Allah reminded the one in Hajj about the other, to make a lot of duaa, and that included a lot of duaa for this brother whom he remembered.

Allah calls us to give, it is a blessing of Allah that he puts love for others in our hearts.

Yaa Rabb, make us among your Awliyaa,

grant us next to you a house in Jannah,

Inspire love for us in the hearts of those whom you love,

make us among those, whom malaaki send salutations,

make our voice like the voice of the companion of the whale,

when we call out from the darkness’s,

we call out only to you,

knowing that only you will respond,

seeking only your response,

yaa Allah put iqlaas in our hearts,

and grant us in keeping with your magnificence,

Laa Ilaaha illa anta subhanak, Inni kuntu Minaz-zalimeen.

How you define Success

If Allah didn’t destine for you to go to a grammar school at 11, get 10 A*s at GCSE, 4 As at A level, graduate from the top university in the country with a degree in Medicine, drive an expensive car at 21, buy your first house at 23, get married at 24 and have your first child at 26 – so what?

Success isn’t determined by what people think of you. If you were chilling last year and you pray now, that’s success. If you gave up addictions that is success. If you’re unmarried, but patient, that’s success. If you have no children, but content,, that is success. If you have no money, but have the wealth of iman that’s success.

— By a Student of Islam, make duaa for him.